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'Buitengewoon' is Carolle Servayge's first photo book. With this book she wants to inform and sensitize people through her portraits and anekdotes of extraordinary ordinary people. The book serves as a place where faces are given a much-needed voice. A place where there is no longer a taboo. A place where the reader decides no longer to make judgments based on external characteristics.

A reality check for young and old,

to just be who you are.

Three handbound books were made for photographer Carolle Servayge. They were made with attention to detail and the theme. This resulted in a unique handmade cut-out on the cover to reveal the title. It's about ripping the layers off until you reveal your true self. The books are bound with a rough beige linnen and orange accents throughout. The book is printed on Biotop paper and bound in coptic kettle stitch with orange thread and an exposed spine. 

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