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Mini Bird Books

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Handbound miniature bird books containing 60 pages of 'Birds in Flanders.
They were made using scraps and excess pages so not ale pages 'look perfect', but they are adorable!
They have a selfcover and a small spine with coloured linnen.

Size: 3 cm wide & 3,8 cm tall
Binding Technique: Perfect binding with selfcover
Colours: Multicolour spines

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Christina De Witte

Madly in love with my handmade (sketch)books by - she delivered them personally. It was worth the wait! They are pretty affordable, too.

Floor Denil

Joepieeeeeeeee, zalig!!

Oud schetsboekske vol, nieuw boekske klaar om gevuld te worden.

La Fille D'O

Want to keep a diary? to the rescue. Handmade books made from paperwaste in Belgium Baby.

Josse De Maesschalck

When writing down new ideas, I like to do it in style.'s handmade notebooks are the ideal thing to do so.