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Snowdog is a book about the journey to the arctic circle by videographer Ben De Voeght in 2021. 

This book is a visual journey all the way up to Lapland. There, Ben met Craig Robertson. Craig is different in many ways and inspired Ben to be different himself. Craig became Ben's focus in his photographic journey very fast. He followed Craig in his everyday life and got to know his strengths as well as his vulnerable characteristics. At the same time Ben experienced life in cold temperatures and saw through the backdoors of a running dog sled company. 

The book was printed in a limited edition of 300 copies. The use of a cool-toned colour palette is to represent the coldness. The title was printed on the cover using a transparent foil. All books are bound by using a singer stitch with white thread. 

Printed by: Buroform
Photography of the book by Studio Chloki

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