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Tina De Souter is a graphic designer based in Mechelen, Belgium. She specializes in transforming thoughts and ideas into graphic design, book design and bookbinding.  

She obtained a master's degree in Graphic Design at Luca School of Arts in Brussels. During this time she discovered a passion for book design and teaching. Therefore, she went on to get an Educational Master's degree in Visual Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. At the same time, she got two postgraduates at the Plantin Institute for Typography in Antwerp, one in Book Design and one in Design & Typography. 

In 2018, she started as a self-employed designer. The emphasis on print in her work allowed her to build an extensive network of printing companies, publishers, photographers, illustrators, artists and copywriters. She is always open to collaborate with artists from every corner of the profession.

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Clients (selected)

2024      MUSEUM      Fashion & Lace Museum Brussels

2023      ARTIST      Patrick Ceyssens

2023      PUBLISHER      MER. books

2023      PHOTOGRAPHER      Danielle van Zadelhoff
2023      INTERIOR DESIGNER      Axel Vervoordt

2023      FASHION BRAND      NATAN

2023      GALLERY      Morentz Gallery (NL)

2022      PUBLISHER      Lannoo

2022      WRITER      Sarah Dimani

2022      PHOTOGRAPHERS      Jasper Declercq & Noortje Palmers

2022      PUBLISHER      Hannibal

2022      PUBLISHER      Uitgeverij Vrijdag

2022      FASHION BRAND      Hedgren 

2022      BAND      ILA (winner of 'De Nieuwe Lichting', StuBru)

2021      INTERIOR DESIGNER      Nathalie Deboel

2021      ARTIST      Ulrike Bolenz

2021      ARTIST      William Farr (UK)

2021      ARTIST      Will Beckers

2021      FASHION DESIGNER      Marylène Madou

2021      PHOTOGRAPHER      Eva Faché

2021      PUBLISHER      Stockmans Art Books

2021      ARTIST      Denitsa Todorova

2021      MUSICIAN      Jaouad Alloul

2020      PHOTOGRAPHER      Hanne Lamon

2020      ARTIST      Tja Ling Hu (NL)

2020      MUSEUM      KBR (Koninklijke Bibliotheek België)

2020      DESIGN STUDIO      Studio Louise Mertens

2020      MUSICIAN      Patricia Vanneste

2020      ART HISTORIAN      Karl Scheerlinck

2018      ARTIST      Sara Vermeylen

News & Press

2023     INTERVIEW     'Designing Photobooks' by BreedBeeld

2023     INTERVIEW     'Meet the creative' interview with APBC 

2023     AWARD           Finalist of the Henry Van De Velde Awards

2023     ARTICLE          staff pick - blues - on

2022     AWARD           Antalis Creative Power - Winner in Book Publishing

2022     ARTICLE          TABOOB book in the newspaper

2022     ARTICLE          Antalis Creative Power Awards - Books finalists

2022     ARTICLE          A look at: Tina De Souter Bookdesign - by Buroform

2022     ARTICLE          On book publishing as storytelling

2022     ARTICLE          Flanders DC interview with female entrpeneurs

2022     INTERVIEW      A 6-page feature article in Kunstletters #016 

2022     ARTICLE          Art catalogue 'blues' by Buroform

2021     ARTICLE          The book 'Comforting Homes' for Nathalie Deboel in
                                  SABATO magazine from 'De Tijd'

2021     INTERVIEW      An article in Dutch design magazine 'Turn The Page'

2021     INTERVIEW      An interview for Olin Papers by Antalis

2021     INTERVIEW      An interview for Art & Design School KASK Gent

2021     VIDEO             A 'Meet The Artist' video for REACH Festival

2021     INTERVIEW      An interview in the design newspaper MAD COPY

2021     ARTICLE          Brochure for WATWAT by Buroform

2021     INTERVIEW      An interview in the newspaper of the Metro

2021     ARTICLE          'Happy Kids' for De Westelinck Smith by Buroform

2021     ARTICLE          'Weldra Opening' for David Legrève by Buroform

2021     INTERVIEW      Trends Magazine - Business in Beeld

2020     ARTICLE          Business cards for Ann Maes by Buroform

2020     INTERVIEW      Makers over hun passie

2019     ARTICLE           The book 'DUALIDADE' by Buroform

2019     EXHIBITION      The book 'De moord op de kunst' at the
                                    Plantin Institute of Typography, Antwerp

2019     TALK                Design process of the book 'De moord op de kunst'

2018     ARTICLE           The book 'ajuin' by Buroform

2018     TALK                Bookpresentation at the exhibition of 'ajuin'

2018     INTERVIEW       RTV about the book 'ajuin'

2018     EXHIBITION      The book 'ajuin' at GC 't Blikveld, Bonheiden

2017     EXHIBITION       Loops II at S.T.U.K, Leuven

2017     EXHIBITION       Flux at Luca School of Arts, Brussels

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