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A Soul That Roams Another World

Eva Faché's fascination with indigenous people and nature arose during travels to Northern Finland. Carrying only her backpack and camera, she embarked on a journey, venturing into the unknown, uncertain of what lay ahead. Along the way, she uncovered the heart of her project: how living in a wild environment shapes spiritual experiences. Through her photography, she highlighted animism and revealed nature's essence in small details and reflections. Each encounter unveiled a unique meaning each individual she met. Eva's images invited others to connect with their spirituality in the realm of nature’s in-between world. Coexisting with nature, she realized its power transcends human goals, inviting a liberating experience she had never known before. Let yourself be transported into these feelings through these images of her second book ‘A Soul That Roams Another World’.


Photography by Eva Faché

Text & image sequence by Diana Verhamme

Printed by Buroform, Mechelen

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