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All Stars Stand Close In Summer Air

This personal photographybook documents Stephanie O'Connors returning home to Aotearoa New Zealand for the first time in five years. The colours blur a mélange of family, nature, and old haunts where things no longer look or feel the same. There is an uncanny newness to the familiar, a place haloed and awash with ochres and greens. The poems were written by Frances Libeau, based in Aotearoa, creating a vital tether to the birthplace of the images. Fragmented and visceral, Frances’ response to the photographs echo the slippery mutability of the image, seeing, and remembrance.

Photography by Stephanie O'Connor
Image sequence by Thomasz Lacnzy & Stephanie O’Connor
Poetry by Frances Libeau
Handbound by Tina De Souter & Rubeyda Yilmaz
Printed by Zwaan Lenoir, NL

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