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This beautiful hardcover book invites you to step into the world of artist Donatella Bianchi. Her works are usually imbued with a dreamy atmosphere. She regularly spends time staying in the remote wooded regions of rural Auvergne. In her drawings of trees and forests, we can, from time to time, see an eye socket or an open mouth amid the weathered, defenseless stumps. Are we somehow standing face to face with a petrified human who has taken on the form of a tree? A dimension of the family past shows in her portrait series, inspired by images from the family’s photo albums. There are hushed figures looking at us from the past. The book BIANCHI presents an overview of her work since 2010.

The book was bound as a hardcover with a greyish, darkblue linnen. Donatella's own eyes peek through the cover, referencing the 'eye-details' all throughout the book. The title was embossed into the cover with matte, black hotfoil and invites the reader to touch and feel.

Published by Bruno Devos from Hopper & Fuchs

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