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Blues is a group exhibition curated by Joost Vandebrug that brings together seven pioneering artists from Iran, the United States, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom who each explore in their original and uncompromising way the historic photographic process of Cyanotypes.

This catalogue was created to visually represent the artists and their art. The catalogue was printed in a limited edition of 300 copies. It has a unique cover with a fold-out where an overview of all the artists can be consulted easily. To put the emphasis on the tactile element of cyanotypes, the title of the book was embossed on the cover and a textured paper was used.

Exhibiting artists: Gohar Dashti, Arash Fakhim, Ivan Forde, Mika Horie, Timo Lieber, Erika Rodin & Julie van der Vaart

Gallery: Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Printed by: Buroform

Photography of the book by Studio Chloki

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