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Artificially Natural

Artificially Natural is inspired by the 'to be a plant' photography and performance collections, created by visual artist Xuanlynn Wang in 2021. Her endeavor is to create performative situations wherein she expresses the collective interconnectedness with the natural environment between her body and manufactured objects (paper and ink).

The book depicts a similar relation between the surface of the human body and the veins from nature, which include imagery and poetry of how she addresses herself as a plant, living in this world, presenting the aesthetics of an artificially natural world. 

The book was printed in a limited edition of 250 copies, numbered by the artist. All books are bound by hand in a saddle stitch with long black thread. The covers of the book are wrapped around and were all uniquely hand-printed and torn by hand to represent an artificially natural second skin.

Printed by: Buroform

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