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Que Deus Reparta A Sorte

At the start of a bullfight in Portugal, the forcado's wish each other luck with this phrase. The age-old tradition of bullfighting, in this form in Portugal around 1300, is still very popular with close-knit traditional family communities. The book tells a world where horse and bull play the leading role. With the camera in front of her eye and my finger on the button, Eva captures countless places and events on screen.

The artbook has an intermezzo between the intense, yet familiar images. There is a pauze exactly at the heart of the book. Here you find the story of the bulls, families, tradition and culture that takes place in the ring. This was printed on brown paper that resembles the colour of the Portugese sand. This intervention fully emerges you in the world of Portugese bullfighting. 

The book was bound in a Swiss-binding with an open spine with sand-coloured thread and bright red hotfoil on the cover.

Printing consultancy / curated by: Bruno Devos from Stockmans

Published by: Stockmans Art Books

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Photographed by We Are Wilson

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