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they look for

They look for by photographer Stijn Van der Linden is like a walk through nature. Years ago, when he visited Corcovado and other national parks in Costa Rica, he noticed how other visitors were particularly interested in spotting animals. They let the immense diversity of the plant kingdom pass them by, while it was precisely that that blew Van der Linden away.

In honor of Café Cliché, the design was provided by book designer Tina De Souter. The concept in Stijn's head was translated by Tina into this gem full of 'printing Easter eggs'. For example, experiments were carried out with margins, picture-in-picture technique and the book was given shorter indented pages, different types of paper and a special binding technique (Otastar).With the Otastar binding method, 2 softcovers are glued together in the spine. This way you create a kind of 2nd cover. On this 2nd cover you will immediately discover another printing Easter egg, namely the title…


The title of the book is 'They look for'. This was printed into the paper in a clearly legible foil stamping. But the concept actually tells that the travelers mainly had an eye for the curious animals that they encountered on their path. They didn't seem to realize that they were in a mecca of beautiful tree species. That is why the title 'They look for' was supplemented with a baseline in a subtle embossing: 'animals, but all they find are trees'.

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Printed at: Buroform, Mechelen

Paper by Fedrigoni

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