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Until The End

For two decades, Hanne Lamon (° 1982) has been making still photo recordings of her everyday life that contain an unruly beauty. Photography is a never-ending process for Lamon. For the artist's book Until The End, she went in search of the undercurrent of her photographic production, which turned out to be extremely fragile and contradictory. 


Based on intuition and rationality, an unconscious, fast and a deliberate, slow way of thinking, this fragile, precious gem was created. About thirty ambiguous images have been printed on wafer-thin paper, like photographic ice crystals in which time has frozen. The book is sober and stylishly designed by Tina De Souter and enriched with a poetic text by Birsen Uçar - also known as the voice of the spherical dream pop Hydrogen Sea.

Printing consultancy / curated by: Bruno Devos from Stockmans

Published by: Stockmans Art Books

Text: Sofie Crabbé

Pictures of the book: The Book Photographer

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