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This book showcases the beautiful art of preparing fish at the Belgian coast. The images were captured by photographer Tim Coppens. The book starts off with serene images from a morning at the ‘Zeemijn’ at the Belgian coast. Then it includes a ‘fish ABC’ to explain some crucial terminology. Abstract images of the fish, placed on a mirror in front of a blue background bring art and seafood together. In tasteful images, Julia shows you sixteen of their signature dishes. The book ends with a short history on fishing in the EU.

Although the book is printed on uncoated paper, the images easily display the bright, vibrant colours of the fish. The dishes look tasty and the texture of the images seem like they can pop out of the book any minute. The softcover book is bound using a perfect binding and a beautiful blue hotfoil title is shown on the cover.

Book design for Julia Fish and Oyster Bar

Commissioned by la-on lawyers

Printed at: Graphius, Gent

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