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Do you feel like a rubber band that is constantly being pulled? Have you lost personal satisfaction and energy? Or are you putting too much effort into taking care of others? An overloaded rubber band can snap or lose its resilience. Do you want to become more stress resistant?

Come and learn how to relax your elastic regularly.

Linda Verstricht offers Lifestyle & Burnout Coaching, Administrative support, Self-care conversations and Relaxing and Vitalizing treatments such as Relaxing massages, Biomagnetism and Earcandle treatments.


Branding done for this Lifestyle- & Burn-out Coach with the focus on the metaphor of the rubber band as well as the concept of relaxation and revitalizing. The colour palette conveys a feeling of calmness and rebirth with green (standing for nature, freshness, rebirth) and purple (standing for lavender and other essences, relaxation and spirituality).

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