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Niet Meer Niet Minder


This is a collaboration between goldmith Simple Comme Bonjour and artist Sara Vermeylen. With 'No more, no less' we help you to grieve a lost one by visualising them by making a unique design. The result consists of a completely personalized mourning jewel, ranging from your own handwriting and ashes processing to fingerprints. In addition to a custom-made jewel, you will also receive a custom artwork by Sara, reworked into a book by Tina and a video of the creation process.  

The large graphite, ink and paint-drawing is transformed into a book. The result is a truly unique, one of a kind artbook. A cardboard hardcover is detailed with a piece of tracing paper with the title on it and attached with thread.
Blue accents adorn this book, in combination with a blue stone in the jewel.

Images by Beaucadre

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