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Michelin-star restaurant Nuance celebrates their fifteenth anniversary with this book.

On May 8, 2008 restaurant Nuance opened their doors for the first time. Thierry and Sofie had thought long and hard about the name. 'Nuance' means 'fine distinction'. A concept that beautifully reflects their philosophy. To this day, that thought can be felt in every facet of their business. In the first place in the bold taste associations on the plate, without resorting to extremes. But also in their love for hospitality, with increasing attention to customer-friendliness, comfort, atmosphere and experience. In 2010 they received their first Michelin star and Gault Millau subsequently named Thierry as 'Top Young Chef of the Year'. She ended up on a rollercoaster that would only accelerate. A year later, in 2011, they got their second star. In 2023, Nuance will be a different restaurant than fifteen years ago. They have increasingly evolved towards a pure and product-oriented cuisine, influenced by flavors from all over the world. Beautiful products in recognizable dishes, served with a smile: that's what Nuance is all about.


Printed by Buroform, Mechelen

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