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Business cards - ORTHO.Gent



Ortho.Gent came to us with the request of updating their branding. They were tired of the typical blue, medical, clean look and wanted more connection to their roots in Ghent, Belgium. This included an updated design of their business cards for their new surgeons. As a medical association, they want to maintain a professional image while retaining a sense of approachability towards their patients. Rather than using the same uniform background and color scheme for all cards, we developed an adaptable and interchangeable identity that resonates with the association's passion for human connection. Each card for each surgeon showcases a different detail from one of Ghent’s most iconic buildings.


To elevate the cards' overall quality and accentuate the textured photographs, we opted for printing on Fedrigoni's Old Mill Premium paper. This choice enhances the tactile experience and creates a premium feel to the cards.

Printed at: Buroform, Mechelen

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