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"Give eighteen contemporary artists free rein to exhibit in one place, and you immediately have a cacophony of hundreds of movements, influences and artistic expressions that fundamentally contradict each other. There is an appropriate term for this: an oxymoron. Despite the diversity and contradictions between the various artists, a form of unity was present. If only because they were brought together in this special place, which suggests closeness, connection. A non-existent but very real connection between them. The title was quickly found: (PR)OXYMORON." - Frederic De Meyer, TheArtCouch

This catalogue was created to present the artworks and the artists in a unique way. The catalogue contains two parts, the first part contains info about the exhibition and artists and it's printed on a 100% recycled off-white paper with red Pantone ink. The second part shows selected artworks of the artists and is printed in full colour on a glossy bright white paper. It has a striking cover with a combination of red Pantone ink combined with UV spot-varnish. The books were bound using an open spine binding to ensure an open lay-flat experience.

(PR)OXYMORON was brought together by 'Het Initiatief', a collaboration between art lovers Frans Penne, Yves Vanpevenaege, Alain V. and Johan Van Tittelboom and artist Joëlle Dubois.


Exhibiting artists: Sarah De Vos, Adelheid De Witte, Maria Degrève, Vincent de Roder, Joëlle Dubois, Rik Moens, Emma Mortier, Jacqueline Peeters, Juan Pablo Plazas, Lore Rabaut, Nina Van denbempt, Heidi Ukkonen, Jesse Van Dun, Ann Van Hoey, Nico Vaerewijck, Alice Vanderschoot, Bart Vandevijvere, Liliane Vertessen

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