An onion consists of tunics, just like painful emotions. You can only find comfort in the heart of the onion. To reach it, you have to go through all those different layers. It is an end point, and a beginning. 

This was book made for artist Sara Vermeylen. She collected drawings about tears and comfort which were photographed, edited and displayed in this book. The book was exhibited and sold at the exhibition REM - Sleep of Reason (2018). 

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The Murder of Art

This is a bookdesign for the 'The Murder of Art' by Thomas Crombez. The design brings out a balance between function and beauty and contains many tactile elements. Inside of the book, in addition to the mellow colour palette of cover, red details are implemented to cleverly visualize the murder of art.

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“This book was created in collaboration with graphic designer Tina De Souter, who guided me in many ways. (...) Tina and I had a very specific idea about what the book should look like. With regard to paper choices, printing techniques and binding methods, her expertise was welcome. The paper has the ideal thickness and makes the colors and contrasts of the photos stand out beautifully. The binding method makes the book open easily. (...) This collaboration was definitely a relief.” - Frederick Van Grootel

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Trail - one year in the life of a snail

A snail moves at 1 mm/sec, 1 centimeter in this book represents 1.5 meters in reality. This means that every spread of the book represents 60 meters from a snails’ perspective. The snail is born on the cover and travels through the entire book and thus, the book represents one year in the life of a snail.

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Top Estates

Two costum handmade photobooks were made for the luxury real estate agency Top Estates. The photography inside the book is by Andrew J. Philipowicz. For a second home fair, a brochure was printed in 500 copies. Both were on display during this three day fair. The design for both the book and brochure walk the fine line between tasteful and commercial design. 

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De Regenkoning

In the poem ‘The Rain King’ by Hugo Claus there is desolation and fragility in both the ambiance and the protagonist. The different characters that appear in the poem are visualized by using a white and fragile material: porcelain plaster. In each plaster work, one of the characters from the poem seems to sink into a pool of white emptiness.

Business cards for psychologist and mental coach Ann Maes

Ann Maes brings her expertise and experience as a military psychologist to the Belgian Air Force. She serves as a mental coach for demanding functions such as that of a pilot or an air traffic controller. She enables performance enhancement including stressmanagement and mental resilience. She is experienced in psychosocial support during critical incidents - crisispsychology - CISM and offers mental- and life coaching to promote personal growth.
She can be seen on the tv show Camp Waes.
The cards are printed with hotfoil by Foilco on Fedrigoni paper Freelife Merida Scarlet.

The Egg Book​

The Egg Book starts from the egg as an ingredient and studies in an in-depth way how eggs are used in a culinary context. 
This is a scientific cookbook with an interesting yet legible layout. This book has a classic approach in terms of type and layout, yet an unconventional cover in combination with colored reading ribbons.

'1' '0' '0'

This visualization is a typographic, visual investigation into the shape of the number 100. An overlap of one hundred fonts created a collective, new shape of the number.

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This is a catalogue made for an exhibition held at Luca School of Arts, Brussels. Where designs about mapping migration were displayed. The entire exhibition, catalogue, poster and website were curated and created by Tina De Souter and a collective of other designers. 


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Google to Alphabet

This is an A1 poster about the Google to Alphabet merger. It has a sleek, clear design. The emphasis lies on the visualization of the future according to Alphabet. The prospects following this merger are explained using a literal alphabet. The timeline lists past achievements of Google. The poster gives a chronological visual overview from past to future.

De kracht van de knikker

Six glass plates were stacked on top of each other, three tests were carried out. A blue, glass marble was dropped from a height of 1, 2 and 3 meters. 
Three books were made to show the impact of the fall in these three situations. These books form an archive of shards in which obsessively is being searched for structure within the broken glass. 

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10 x 10

Numbers are unmistakably connected to our bodies. One of the reasons why the current decimal counting system is used is because we have ten fingers. This artwork is made from a very fragile but detailed material, porcelain plaster. With this visualization of 100 the spectator has the opportunity to count on Tina's fingers. 

Alter Natives ​

This magazine contains a mixture of interesting and witty, art-related articles. It conveys strict, well-considered typography with a pleasant reading speed. The magazine is printed on different types and sizes of paper. The idea for the cover was inspired by a habit of folding the corner of pages we like.

100 =

This book contains elaborated visualizations as well as ideas and experiments that were created during the process of Tina De Souter's masters' project. The book is a collection of her thought processes and shows her search for meaningful visualizations for one hundred.

Graphic Design Environment 

This booklet was made using risoprinting. It describes an ideal work environment for graphic designers. The booklet is based on the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, this integrated some lightheartedness. In the booklet a manifesto for ‘the ideal graphic design studio’ is written.


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